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Our Expertise

Because we are passionate about people, and get real satisfaction from seeing you succeed in your career, we invest heavily in recruiting the best people, give them the best training available and all the tools they need to perform at the best of their ability. 

We strongly believe that in order to be successful as a recruiter in a highly specialist, niche area, you need deep industry knowledge, right down to structure and culture of the department and the intricacies of the role itself.  That’s why we place enormous importance on creating and maintaining a balance consisting of ex-industry life sciences professionals and highly skilled professional recruiters in our company.

Knowing in detail about the role that you are expected to perform, how it fits into the various unique team structures, the overall importance the outcome has in the development of a new compound, is to us of utmost importance. We regularly have knowledge sharing session and advanced industry related workshops in order to keep our competitive edge. That’s why you can trust us to represent you in the most effective way possible, increasing every chance of successfully advancing your career.

Working in the life science industry since 2005 we have exceptionally strong links to all of the major global pharmaceutical, CRO, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical organisations in the marketplace. This gives us access to a high volume of roles, many times on an exclusive basis.

Working with us is a positive and encouraging experience and you can expect us to take full charge of the process, providing you with thorough support throughout, including interview preparation, detailed information on the role and the company and close communication at all stages.  We also negotiate on your behalf, ensuring the best outcome for all parties.