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Skills Alliance has a reputation in the marketplace for its excellent relations with some of the most sought after employers in the life science sector.

That’s why we can offer a broad range of life science jobs, from drug development to biotechnology and medical devices, whether it be working with a team bringing a groundbreaking new compound to the market or working on the development of the next generation magnetic resonance imaging scanners. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our extensive network of skilled professionals, and aim to regularly stay in touch with everyone, offering career guidance and support. Letting us represent you does not only give you access to great opportunities, but also to highly skilled recruitment consultants and managers who have significant experience managing life science professionals’ careers, form advising on goal setting and strategy to salary negotiation.

Recruitment is a people business and we are extremely passionate about helping both people and companies achieve their true potential. 

So whether you are looking for your next step on the career ladder, an international move or a new contract, we are here to help you. And you can rest assured that we will be with you the whole way, helping you realise your potential. Give us a call today!