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Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our social responsibility seriously.We aim to take an active role in supporting the communities we work in, providing good work opportunities, jobs and careers for local people, and strive to have a positive impact on those around us.


We recognise the need for businesses to play a part in creating a long term, sustainable society, both in the sense of conducting our business in a sustainable manner, but also being a part of and supporting the local communities.

Our activities outside of our core business revolve around minimising the impact our business has on the environment, sharing and giving back to the communities we are a part of.


We like to consider the environment in two ways - the immediate environment around us and the wider, global environment. What you do on the micro level tends to have an impact on the macro level, benefitting everyone, and making our way society more sustainable.

All our refuse from our offices is recycled, and when it’s collected it’s done so using electrical vehicles. The rubbish is then transported to be recycled using efficient barges, saving valuable space on our roads as well as minimising noise pollution and other undesirable disruptions.

We also minimise the use of air travel conducted by our staff, choosing to make efficient use of state-of-the-art technology to have meetings and conferences. Where possible, when travel for work is indispensable, we encourage our staff to travel by public transport, to minimise the impact travel has on the environment.

During 2014 we installed photo sensors in our offices that automatically switch off lights in rooms that aren’t being used. PCs are also turned off at the end of the day and weekends, making further electricity savings and lessening the impact on the environment. We also purchase green electricity to power our offices and provide fresh spring water, negating the need for staff to bring in bottled water.

It is our policy to evaluate and select any new suppliers on their ‘green credentials’.

We also encourage our staff to consider green choices when commuting and travelling in general, in addition to actively promoting cycling as a means to get to and from work. Skills Alliance is proud to be participating in the UK Government’s cycle to work scheme.


Charitable giving is ingrained in our culture. Every year we select one charity that we will focus our efforts on. Throughout the year we then schedule a number of events that our staff participate in, raising vital funds. We also encourage our staff to take part in individual charity events throughout the year, pledging to ‘top-up’ their charitable giving by 25%.

We’re also looking for ways we can get involved in the local communities, giving and sharing our time to have a positive impact on everyone around us.