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Clinical Research jobs

Boost your career with a new clinical research job through Skills Alliance.

Our clinical research practice has been helping clinical research professionals improve their careers since 2005, building up a wealth of experience and expertise in the sector.

As a clinical research professional, you should expect to work with people who have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the industry in which you work.  That's why we align our teams vertically in order to build deep expertise and to develop strong relationships with all the best employers across the UK, Europe and the US.

With one of the strongest industry links in the sector, we are often able to provide access to a wide range of clinical research jobs before they are released onto the market. We are also frequently able to provide an inside track to the employer of your choice, bypassing the regular recruitment process.

With Skills Alliance you can expect straight advice and a focus on your career. We know that getting the right job can transform your life, so getting this part right is crucial to us.

Examples of professionals we regularly recruit for are:

  • Clinical research associates
  • Clinical project managers/directors
  • Clinical study managers/directors
  • Clinical programme managers/directors
  • Clinical operations managers/directors
  • Clinical research physicians

To find out how you can get the career support you need to get ahead, please contact us today, alternatively search from a range of clinical research jobs in our database.

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