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Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment means using our strengths to your advantage. Your succession planning, internal promotions and entire department structures are based on understanding your current internal employee strengths and weaknesses before searching externally for additional expertise. 

How do you ensure the impartial, critically assessed and market comparisons of your current employees?

Skills Alliance conduct full technical, behavioural, competency and cultural 
interviews before submitting any profile. We apply this rigorous methodology to your internal employees and provide you with all the data, whether you need this information before deciding how to direct your externally recruitment or you use this service to support internal decision making our expertise can help.

Technical and Behavioural Assessment 

Leading Global Biotech

Due to resignation, an unexpected hire was required at Senior Director level.  Neither of the two direct reports to this role were earmarked in succession planning for the position, hence the client requested a full assessment of both of the existing employees alongside two sourced external applicants.

Skills Alliance Solution - Candidate 
To perform independent and impartial assessment of both internal employees, through the same interview process as the external applicants sourced by Skills Alliance

To provide a hiring recommendation based on candidate analysis, including bespoke competency assessment and character profiling, in addition to traditional interviewing techniques

To produce individual reports incorporating in-depth analysis to support the client in reaching their final decision, also providing tailored and constructive feedback used for the Learning & Development of employees

Full, unbiased assessment of all internal and external applicants completed at client-site. The resulting candidate reports were used by the Senior Leadership Team to make a rapid, informed and reasoned decision on the senior appointment, ultimately choosing one of the internal applicants.

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