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Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping means you, the client having full oversight of the 'market', a term used regularly to justify hiring decisions but often with little supporting evidence.

Talent Mapping is a breakdown of your competition by company, country, department, job or competencies that gives you the information needed to make informed decisions about individual hires and strategic business growth.

Skills Alliance provide a talent mapping service that is tailor-made to our clients specific need, providing market intelligence for a candidate universe or target candidate pool. These projects are completed by a market expert applying our confidential approach and networking skills coupled with candidate assessment methodology.
This can be conducted on a local, national, regional or international basis for individual roles or project-based recruitment.

Talent Mapping may be of value if you:

Have no immediate vacancy but due to succession planning you want to be positioned to hire quickly if needed for business critical roles

Have not successfully hired within 3 months of initiating a search and want full oversight of the market, not just a few CVs drip fed through

Have a potential need but are uncertain of the full scope of the role as it is 'dependent upon the experience the person brings with them'

Are engaged in the process of succession planning, or general bench-marking, of current internal salaries and performance levels

Intend to expand or launch into a new market or geographical location and want to understand the local talent pool

An example of Talent Mapping

Client: Mid-sized, US Biopharmaceutical

Objective: To understand a new geographic market ahead of a New Product Launch for the EU5 (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain)

Skills Alliance Solution - Talent Mapping: To identify skilled, therapeutically aligned individuals working within competitor organisations in advance of defining the organisational structure and recruitment strategy


A comprehensive talent map (~500+ people) produced for the EU5 illustrating competitor organisational structures, team sizes and target candidate pools.

Average salary, bonus and stock information

Summary presentation of challenges and suggested recruiting strategies tailored per region/ role

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