Any organisation looking to achieve exceptional results needs outstanding leadership. Skills Alliance can provide you with bespoke, C-suite and senior management global Search & Selection campaigns that are tailored to you.

Based on our proven process, our up-to-date market intelligence and unbeatable personal network of C-suite talent, our Executive Search team will deliver you the best candidates in alignment with your brief and to the timescale you specify.

Example of a C-Suite Search Project
SME European pharmaceutical company


To secure a new Chief Development Officer with high level expertise in global drug development programs, people management and business transformation, to re-define corporate R&D strategy and increase company revenues.

Our solutions:
  1. To perform a worldwide mapping, search and selection project, based on several core criteria, to produce a shortlist of suitably qualified and engaged candidates within 6 weeks.
  2. To conduct a full assessment of the shortlisted candidates at Skills Alliance HQ, co-ordinating the travel arrangements and interview schedules of both interviewers and interviewees.
  3. To provide detailed reports on candidate suitability, highlighting positive aspects in addition to identified risk factors.

A shortlist of 5 highly qualified candidates was identified and selected for interview from 5 different countries. Two candidates progressed through to final interview with the preferred candidate successfully secured within budget and the stipulated timeframes.

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Strategic Growth

We love helping SME biotechnology and device companies to grow fast, the right way. In fact, we like nothing better than advising, building and developing a team for something new and exciting. If that’s what you need, we’d love to talk with you.

Strategic Growth For Hiring

Business Transformation through Partnership

Rather than providing a ‘one time only’ solution, you’ll get the best results when we work together as true strategic partners. This approach has many benefits to you, one being that if you need multiple hires we’re able to offer you flexible and inviting pricing.

Business Transformation through Strategic Support

If you need strategic support to navigate the European or US landscape, while also securing the best possible talent in your market, we can help. Through our proven Business Transformation Campaigns we can guide you effectively through the process and even provide you with 3rd party vendor support, entity registration and interims while you register your new offices.
Alternatively, if you have a product nearing phase III and need to hire a support and/or commercial and medical team quickly, get in touch with us today. We have vast experience delivering such briefs on time and within budget.

Business Transformation through experience

If you have a need to hire quickly you’ll want to talk to recruiters who know and understand your industry, who appreciate the type of candidates you need and who have a track record of delivering on even the most challenging of briefs.
Skills Alliance offers a bespoke solution designed to assist fast growing biotechnology & technology companies in securing the best possible executive staff for their business.

For example, you may be looking to hire:
A senior management team:

You’re a new, innovative biotechnology or device company with a need to quickly develop your initial management structure to help prepare the market for your first launch

An R&D team:

You need to develop a new, novel compound, fast

A commercial launch team:

You have a new product launch and need a team to deliver a successful launch at a global, national or regional level

Project teams:

Do you have an upcoming FDA inspection and find yourself with a pressing need for QA/validation people?

Do you need a team of Clinical operations professionals for a new trial?

Do you need a team of biostatisticians or PV people for a specific project?

Do you need 25 MSL’s or sales professionals for an imminent new drug launch?

Whatever your requirement, the Skills Alliance team are the experts in working in and delivering on Strategic Growth Hiring projects.

example of a Strategic Growth Hire Project
Niche US biopharmaceutical company


To recruit a multi-disciplinary team of therapeutic specialists to drive the European market launch of a rare disease product.

Recruit industry experts in Clinical Operations, Medical Affairs, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs.

To identify, assess and secure talent at Manager, Director and VP level in 10 European countries (UK, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy).

Our solutions:
  1. Create a European brand and marketing strategy to position an unknown US organisation
  2. Dedicated team assigned to Client
  3. Full Talent Mapping of ~2000 people

42 Skills Alliance supported hires made within a 12 month period ahead of successful product launch.

Would you like a result like this?

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Skills Alliance can provide you with a bespoke candidate Search & Selection, combining our unique sector expertise with a tried and tested search methodology.

The Skills Alliance process has been refined to ensure full market coverage whilst simultaneously allowing you a step-by-step understanding and oversight of the process.

example of a Professional Search
Leading Global biotechnology company


To identify via internal and external benchmarking a suitably skilled and culturally aligned candidate to undertake a high profile directorship role within a fast-paced, commercially driven environment.

Our solutions:
  1. To perform independent and impartial assessment of both internal and external candidates, and provide subsequent advice and recommendations, ahead of the new senior leadership appointment.
  2. To employ a comprehensive candidate analysis, including bespoke competency assessment and character profiling in addition to traditional interviewing techniques.
  3. To produce individual reports, incorporating in-depth analysis and constructive feedback.

Full, unbiased assessment of all internal and external applicants completed at client-site. Resulting candidate reports used by the senior leadership team to make a rapid, informed, and reasoned decision on the senior appointment.


For as long as we’ve been in business we have believed in the importance of being able to offer our clients flexibility and speed of delivery to help navigate the fluctuations in workforce needs in ongoing projects.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes face significant pressures in developing and launching drugs. These pressures are often increased due to an inability to attract and retain critical staff.

Temporary Placements

Since 2005 we’ve built up a unique and wide-reaching network of industry consultants and contract professionals, covering all areas of the life science industry. This, in conjunction with our powerful database facility enables us to respond with speed and agility to any requirement you may have, and to produce a very accurate profile fit.
All the individuals in our network have the specific skills and knowledge needed to execute demanding R&D projects or provide clinical development services as well as all associated functions in the development of new compounds or equipment.

Interim managers

These highly skilled professionals have the skill and experience to deliver key projects and can help add structure and direction to your existing team.

Contract workers

Able to provide specialist skills and to cover specific shortages within existing teams, these professionals can be provided at short notice either as individuals or as teams, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.


These are Skills Alliance consultants who are employed by us and outsourced to you. This provides a flexibility that other solutions simply can’t achieve and helps to save you money by absorbing both the risk and the cost of recruitment and administration.

Currently we have over 180 consultants on assignment for our clients throughout the UK, Europe and North America.