16th September 2020

Why My Impact in Recruitment is My Passion

It’s interesting that before I started recruiting I had this image of who recruiters are and what they do. I saw the recruitment business as a cut-throat, money-driven, and selfish business.

The truth is, there are many recruitment companies out there like that but none of those companies were ones that I wanted or saw myself working at. At my core, I am a people person. I like interacting with others, learning about them, challenging them, guiding them but more importantly, helping them. However, my passion goes beyond that and there is a reason why I have chosen the life sciences sector over any others.

The life sciences sector is an interesting one. Different than some other sectors, the people working in it are less driven by money than others. They are driven by science, by the impact, and by their intellectual passion. Of course money, location, and benefits of the job matter but not nearly as much as it does in other industries.

The life sciences industry is constantly changing. The innovation doesn’t stop and I genuinely feel challenged by it daily. Sure, in recruitment knowing people, how they think and operate is critical to understand to be successful in this business but knowing that alone is not enough. Every day is a science lesson for me, learning about new products and technology, understanding the mechanism of action, and comprehending what is truly novel and what is just another me-too drug. Even more recently, I found myself serving as a resource to my family and friends in discussions around potential COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Intimately knowing the business you are selling is equally or more important than knowing people in my opinion. If you don’t truly understand these things, then assessing the fit of a candidate to the business is much more challenging and will likely lack longevity.

While some do this because it is “their job”, I do it for a different reason that can only be explained in one word, “IMPACT”. The impact I can have from having and leveraging this knowledge is endless. I can impact the course of science by putting the right person in the right place at the right time. I can impact someone’s life by putting them in a place where they are happy and can utilize their skill set to the best of their ability. I can impact the skewed perspective people have on the pharmaceutical/biotech industry vs. the reality of what they truly want to accomplish. I can impact a friend or patients’ life by giving insight on potential treatment options available to them, whether approved or investigative that they can discuss with their physicians.

All of these things are important and powerful, to say the least, but most importantly for me is the impact I can have on my own life and my health. I don’t look at these companies from the lens of just a recruiter, I look at them from the lens of a cancer survivor, a patient, and someone at high risk for a more aggressive recurrence. The drugs being developed are not just for others but hopefully are my lifeline should I get sick again. They could make the difference in my ability to watch my kids grow, go to college, get married, and the many other milestones that I hope they get to reach versus not being able to be a part of any of those moments.

Understand that my passion for recruitment and making a difference in this space is unparalleled because I have more to lose than anyone next to me. My team hears my passion and works with the same ferocity because they understand its importance and understand the impact we can have. We recruit to fight not just for our success and lives today but for our future. We do it for the innovation that has yet to happen that could save someone’s life that otherwise has no other options. I challenge you to find a more dedicated and passionate team. We help to find the missing pieces of the companies puzzle because lives depend on it, I know mine does.


By Mark Benmoise

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