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Mathilde Pillot
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Strategic decisions that dictate an organisations vision, patient universe and ultimate success is a natural area for Skills Alliance to partner and consult.

Commercial success is based on the coherent message from front line Sales Reps to the General Manager. Understanding this relationship and its recruitment impact has allowed Skills Alliance to offer Search & Selection services to a range of SME pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for their C-Level recruitment.

Once we know a company’s Commercial vision, the staffing and build out of Business Units and Sales Teams is a logical next step in the process.

Our unique network and methodology give you unparalleled access to the market, guided by experienced Consultants with broad knowledge of the industry.

With Skills Alliance you can expect straight advice and a focus on your career. We know that getting the right job can transform your life, so getting this part right is crucial to us.

Examples of professionals we regularly recruit for are:
  • Pharmaceutical sales reps
  • Marketing managers/directors
  • Business development managers/directors
  • Product Managers
  • Brand Directors
  • Commercial Directors/ VPs
  • Sales Directors
  • CEO & CCO
  • GM

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