3rd July 2018

Death Row… Deception & Drugs

In 1982, the state of Texas became the first jurisdiction in the world to carry out an execution by lethal injection.

Normally, on my train to work on a Monday morning I’m reading about how well my football club Arsenal have performed over the weekend. (This weekend it was a horror show, as it’s been for the last 12 months)!!! Looking outside the window whilst the train was starting to speed up, I received a text

3rd July 2018

Women in the Pharmaceutical Industry

How influential have women become in the pharmaceutical industry?

The Ada Lovelace Day, an international celebration that honours the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths, reminds us of the importance of this question. Indeed, this is a commemoration of the efforts that women have put into escaping the status quo that denied them access to the labour market and until recently