18th July 2019

Biology 101 Guide for non-Scientific Life Science Employees

Working in such a broad and complex sector as the life science industry, it isn’t possible to be an expert in every field our companies and colleagues work in.

Introduction I hope to break down some of the basics of scientific jargon used every day in the life sciences sector because when we don’t understand the complexity and beauty of the meaning of these words, we don’t appreciate the incredible effort scientists put into laboratories every day to push humanities’ understanding of our bodies

20th June 2019

The Vaccines Debate

The debate surrounding whether or not to vaccinate our kids is one that has really come to the forefront in 2019.

Whether it is due to the impact of social media sites or indeed from public testimony in front of Congress, the vaccination debate is certainly becoming more than just any other conspiracy theory. This article will attempt to discuss why this idea is becoming increasingly popular and in turn, what is being done to counter

13th June 2019

Why the Life Science Industry should focus on Emerging Markets

According to a McKinsey Associates report conducted in 2017, the pharma industry began expanding into the emerging markets due to positive forecasts.

However, these emerging markets began suffering downturns or showed weaker growth forecasts as commodity prices fell and some healthcare systems struggled to scale up adequately their provision of care. According to a report conducted by McKinsey Associates in 2017, the pharma industry began expanding into the emerging markets due to positive forecasts, but these emerging

4th June 2019

Go Hard and Go Home

With traditionally long hours, relentless rejection and rabid competition constantly biting at your ankles, there is little wonder that the burn out rate for this industry is high.

Recruitment is a tough gig, this is no news. For as long as the current Recruitment model has been around, it has always been a hard job to do well. With traditionally long hours, relentless rejection and rabid competition constantly biting at your ankles, there is little wonder that the burn out rate for this

27th March 2019

NYC’s Booming Biotech Hub

Why a Biotech organization should be based here and what are the plans for continued growth?

At the BIO Convention in June 2018, a report written by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization revealed that New York City now employs the most Biotech research workers in the country. Much to the dismay of Massachusetts and Californian Life Sciences professionals, NYC has taken over the top spot! But in the city that never sleeps;

13th March 2019

Pharma and the Environment: One Relationship that can’t go to waste

What do population growth, longer life expectancy and increased access to cheaper generic medicines have in common? 

They all contribute to the increasingly complex and reciprocal relationship between the global pharmaceutical industry and the environment, and this blog will cover some of the concerns and solutions associated with this relationship.   Allergic to change – The impact of climate change on pharma Climate change is increasing the impact of aero-allergens and the

7th March 2019

Market Access in 2019

The single greatest and most misunderstood lever to increase revenue?

Abstract Market Access is the critical process required to ensure biotech and pharma companies can maximise the clinical and commercial potential of their drugs. It has become as important as receiving Marketing Authorisation Approval, as a drug’s success will be significantly limited without it. Moreover, a successful Market Access strategy does not just make the

29th November 2018

Micro-Dosing and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Are we experiencing a role reversal of drugs within the Pharmaceutical industry? 

There has been a steady increase in the number of studies into the use of drugs such as Cannabis, Psilocybin (a psychedelic compound commonly found in mushrooms) and most recently LSD and how with micro dosing, these drugs can have a positive impact on the human body and brain.   What is micro- dosing? Micro

15th November 2018

Top Career Advice – 5 Top Life Sciences Jobs

In this article we look at 5 of the best jobs in the life sciences market.

With the Life Sciences industry growing at an unprecedented pace, companies are looking to employ the best scientific minds to research, manufacture and sell their life-saving products.   Medical Science Liaison (MSL) – Salary £45 to £50k With advanced scientific training and a doctorate degree (Ph.D., PharmD., M.D.) in life sciences, the MSL’s role is to

2nd November 2018

AI in Pharmaceuticals

Artificial Intelligence will take over our jobs, potentially leading to the destruction of the current social system.

  In the words of Elon Musk, A.I. is “potentially more dangerous than nukes” and Stephen Hawking highlighted that it could be “the worst thing ever to happen to humanity”. Or, can Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and other recent technological advances contribute to the Life Science industry, specifically the Clinical Trials and Patient Access

26th October 2018

Getting Science into the Clinic

A study carried out by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) shows that the amount of capital invested alongside Corporate Venture Capitalists into UK companies increased six-fold between 2010 and 2015, marking a fundamental shift in how Start-Up British biotech is funded.

Have you thought about the life cycle of these innovative Start-Ups and the process involved when developing an interesting candidate and eventual pipeline? This blog outlines a brief overview of how Biotech gets science into the clinic, understanding this helps us advise our clients and candidates as the Life Science industry continues to shift away

17th October 2018

Legalised? We’re only just about prescribing…

Today, Canada legalised Cannabis for recreational use. Is the UK behind the times?

On the 26th of July this year, the UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced that specialist doctors would be able to prescribe cannabis derived medicinal products from autumn 2018 (1). Is the UK behind the times? The advisory council on the misuse of drugs (ACMD) and the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) conducted a

26th September 2018

Top Career Advice – Life Sciences Interview

As you look ahead to your upcoming life sciences interview with any pharma or biotech company it is important to understand how crucial it is to undertake good preparation beforehand.

Whilst you may have an idea of what to expect, here we look at how to tailor your answers specifically for a life sciences interview that may very well set you apart from other candidates in the running for a position as well as some of the common pitfalls to avoid.   Motivation for Position

18th September 2018

The Price of Innovation

Since 1976 and the FDA regulation coming into place, the medical devices industry has gone from strength to strength, emerging as one of the fast growing sectors with innovation at the forefront.

The Concorde, embarked on its first commercial flight, since then we now have millions of passenger flights in operation on a weekly basis. The Apple Computer company was formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, we now have the Iphone, Apple watch which have been come a standard part of some of our lives. In

22nd August 2018

Regulatory Affairs Talent Gap is a Problem for Small Pharma

In football, money like anything in life tends to have a big impact on the quality of a Team.

Though it doesn’t always equate to Premier Leagues or Champions Leagues, the rule is simple: more money equals better players and should result in more wins! In pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, the same is increasingly true. To the detriment of smaller players and the benefit of bigger ones, regulatory affairs talent is in high demand; this

17th August 2018

Technology advances in the Pharmaceutical Industry – 3D Bioprinting

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots” – Albert Einstein

Was he wrong? Walk down the road and you’ll notice how many people are glued to their phone/tablet. In my opinion, it’s true that the use of technology is slowly replacing the need to use our minds to think. Anything and everything we want to know is easily accessed through a computerised device. Alas, the

8th August 2018

The Human Fear of Ageing

Has the first immortal generation already been born?

Gerascophobia is a clinical phobia, defined as an incessant fear of aging. Sufferers view aging as a human flaw or disease rather than a natural progression. They are more likely to seek plastic surgery to help them remain looking youthful, and symptoms include the fear of the future and the fear of needing to rely

2nd August 2018

One of the most pressing public health issues – poor drug adherence

What is being done? Is it a) helping you b) watching you?

The FDA approval of the first ever tablet to alert patients that they have ingested it sparked my interest. The tablet which contains a grain-size ingestible sensor transmits a message to a smart patch worn on the rib cage when it comes into contact with stomach acid. Otsuka in partnership with Proteus Digital Health developed the

3rd July 2018

Death Row… Deception & Drugs

In 1982, the state of Texas became the first jurisdiction in the world to carry out an execution by lethal injection.

Normally, on my train to work on a Monday morning I’m reading about how well my football club Arsenal have performed over the weekend. Looking outside the window whilst the train was starting to speed up, I received a text from a friend saying, “Did you see what happened in Texas last night?” As the

3rd July 2018

Women in the Pharmaceutical Industry

How influential have women become in the pharmaceutical industry?

The Ada Lovelace Day, an international celebration that honours the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths, reminds us of the importance of this question. Indeed, this is a commemoration of the efforts that women have put into escaping the status quo that denied them access to the labour market and until recently