What we do

We deliver a professional and expeditious service with a personable approach to place C-suite, Executive and Leadership positions. Through open communication, transparency and tenacity, we promise unwavering commitment to fulfilling even the most demanding of briefs. Improving the livelihoods of those we work with and finding people their dream job is very important to us.

How we do it

Our team embodies the philosophy of the ‘Division of Labour’, whereby each member takes ownership and specialises in their respective area of responsibility. We have adopted the Japanese concepts of Kaizen (continuous improvement) and Kyōsei (symbiosis) to deliver an exceptional, efficient and memorable experience. While each assignment is unique, our approach remains consistent in the level of focus, resolve and attention to detail we commit to ensure we deliver.

Management Team

Oliver Drew

Director, Global Executive Search

Oliver has 6 years’ experience in Executive Search across Europe, North America, APAC and LATAM. After joining Skills Alliance in 2016, he created our global Executive Search Delivery division, and now manages a team delivering on senior appointments and project work across all functions and geographies.

Joe Kennedy

Director, Senior Client Partner

Joe is a seasoned executive search leader with over 12 years experience, executing on complex searches across a range of functions globally, from director level to c-suite. Joe now leads our client function globally for executive search. He is responsible for setting and executing our strategy, building relationships and ensuring client satisfaction.