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Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance jobs

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Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance through its focus on product efficacy and safety underpins the life science industry.

As a branch in pharmaceutical drug development, drug safety and pharmacovigilance fills a crucial function, noted by the separation of the function into an independent department. Drug safety officers work to detect, assess, understand and prevent adverse effects in pharmaceutical compounds, both in the short term and long term. This means that their work relating to any particular drug starts right from the beginning of the drug development cycle, all the way through to the end of the meaningful life span of the drug.

To navigate this complex market and alternative career paths Skills Alliance dedicated team has know-how, experience and the clients to help you take your next step in your pharmacovigilance career.
Investing in our consultant’s recruitment training and market knowledge we believe puts us at an advantage to our competition and that it increases your chances to succeed in your career. With Skills Alliance you can expect straight advice and a focus on your career.

We know that getting the right job can transform your life, so getting this part right is crucial to us.

Examples of professionals we regularly recruit for are:

  • Drug safety associates/officers
  • Drug safety managers/directors
  • Pharmacovigilance associates/officers
  • Pharmacovigilance managers/directors
  • Pharmacovigilance scientists/physicians
  • Safety submissions specialists

To find out how you can get the career support you need to get ahead, please contact us today, alternatively search from a range of drug safety jobs in our database.

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