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HR Advice and Consulting

There is plenty of advice available for candidates on how to navigate the recruitment process; however, sometimes it could be handy for HR professionals and line managers to be able to get a few pointers and to refresh the basics too.

We have years of experience in examining CVs, matching them to demanding job specifications, interviewing candidates and managing the recruitment process. We know what to look out for, what to look for, how to read between the lines, how to verify and check competencies, cultural fit and personality type and much more.

We have also considerable experience in interviewing life science professionals, assessing and evaluating their competencies, using a carefully developed framework of competency based questions designed to draw out detail that would often be missed out by less experienced interviewers.

We’re sharing some of our expertise we’ve built up over the years below, to help you make better decisions, increase the quality of your hires and ensuring that you derive maximum value from your relationship with your recruitment agency. Please spend some time exploring the below guides, and let us know if you have any feedback.