Within our organisation we have over 20 nationalities and 15 spoken languages spread across a team of just over 100.

We have roughly gender parity across our business and our leadership team has diversity of all types including 60:40 female split. At the same time we have our own challenges — only 1 out of 8 board level leaders is female, so we have some work still to do.

Diversity is always a work in progress — we focus on improving ourselves and helping our clients to build best-in-class companies whose workforce reflects their customers and patients. We know that diverse organisations are more productive and we challenge ourselves every day to push the envelope on this topic.

Introducing our New Partner – Culture Pop

Skills Alliance always strive to respect the unique needs, perspectives, and potential of all our team members, as we know the importance of building a diverse organisation. With over 20 nationalities and 15 spoken languages in a company of just over 100, this is still only a fraction of the 32 attributes that fully describe

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Are There Wrong Answers to Personality Tests?

There is so much we want to know about applicants before hiring them (Is she a team player? Is he a quick learner? Is she well adaptable to change? Is he a good problem-solver?…), and there is so little time we have for investigating all of it. Psychologists were kind enough to come up with a

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work from home station

The Pandemic’s Effect on the Perception of Remote Work

This has been an increasingly challenging discussion in recruitment over the last 5 years. What I have seen on this topic is a true mix. For the right candidate some of my clients have been open to making an exception for work remote, sometimes it is a transition period over a year or two and

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What Workplace we Choose

“what Russia they choose” (the video can be found here VIDEO) I would neither like to dig into political issues nor express any negativity. We might all have different opinions, and our views should not be the same, but as an individual living in a modern world (currently even based in a neutral country 😊) I

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We attend, sponsor and participate in multiple industry forums, roundtables and conferences across the year including Feather in Her Cap — an award ceremony aimed at recognising outstanding female leaders, various industry specific conferences across our niche areas of focus including animal health, genomic therapies, ophthalmic rare diseases and many others — always with a focus on promoting best practice in building diverse organisations that represent the diverse and ever-changing world around us.


To guarantee we remain on top of inclusion issues, we have partnered with the following organisations, who are dedicated to diversity and inclusion wellbeing updates:

Growing curiosity & belonging in any culture

We partner with Culturepop to provide us with the support needed to effectively grow our employee inclusion instincts by providing us with in-app learning modules to gain insights into a variety of different perceptions within diversity and inclusion.

Women contribution to animal health

We proudly sponsor the Feather in her Cap Awards, originally created to recognize women who have made a major contribution to the animal health industry, to both reward excellence, and inspire young women in the industry.

Unlocking innovation through diversity

We are a proud member of MSDUK, who bring together innovative and high growth ethnic minority businesses with global corporations committed to creating an inclusive and diverse supply chain. MSDUK help us bring innovative ideas to the market and develop business leaders of the future.

Diversity & Inclusion

Hakim Driouche

Associate Director
Global Marketing

As a French national with north African background, I really wanted to be part of this internal committee that focuses on discussions to ensure we keep our workplace as diverse and inclusive as possible in order to make any current and future employee aware that we take this subject seriously and truly care about the impact we have internally and externally.

Karina Sharipova


I’m proud of my own heritage, upbringing, life experience, education and capabilities that all shape my value and contribution to the business, our clients and the lives of our candidates. Through our internal DE&I group I intend to bring my voice to making our company and our client’s businesses more diverse, happier and more prosperous places to work for people from all walks of life.

Jason Linney

Associate Director
Global Learning & Development

Having spent the best part of 25 years in and around the Recruitment industry and as an openly gay man I have always been impressed by the welcome I have received and been celebrated and developed for what I do, not who I am. To me the meritocratic nature of our industry is the ultimate leveller with Diversity and Inclusion baked into its very DNA.

Jasmine Stewart

Principal Consultant

It is a pleasure to be part of this group; not only because I am a Tunisian, Indian, British woman but also as I was educated in an international school with people from all over the world, and have experienced first-hand the influence of different cultures on values and behaviours. I believe that no one should be discriminated against their age, disability, race, religion, sex, gender reassignment and sexual orientation.

Joe Kennedy

Senior Client Partner

Part of my role is to advise my clients on hiring practices which helps building diverse organisations. The executive search practice endeavour to provide a diverse suite of candidates for every role and to help companies build strong diverse talent pipelines. I am passionate about diversity – having grown up in a single parent household, my archetype for a strong leader and role model in life has always been female.