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Interim Management and Contract Recruitment

For as long as we’ve been in business we’ve believed in the importance of being able to offer our clients flexibility and speed of delivery to help navigate the fluctuations in workforce needs in ongoing projects.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies of all sizes face significant pressures in developing and launching drugs are often increased by the inability to attract and retain critical staff.
Since 2005 we have built up a wide-reaching network of consultants and contract professionals, covering all areas of the life science industry. This, in conjunction with our powerful database facility, enables us to respond to any requirements with speed and agility, and produce a very accurate profile fit.

These individuals have the specific skills and knowledge to execute demanding R&D projects provide clinical development services as well as all associated functions in the development of new compounds or equipment. 

Interim managers – these highly skilled professionals have the skill and experience to deliver key projects, adding structure and direction to an existing team.

Contract workers – specialist skills designed to cover specific shortages within existing teams. These professionals can be provided at short notice, giving you flexibility and peace of mind, either as individuals or whole teams. 

Consultants - our own consultants who are employed by us and outsourced to you, creating flexibility other solutions cannot achieve, saving you money by absorbing risk and cost of recruitment and administration.  Currently we have over 100 consultants on assignment throughout the UK and Europe.

To find out more about our flexible resource solutions, please get in touch with your local office today.