The Hiring Experience

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, talent acquisition is more critical than ever. We have delved into the world of hiring and recruitment in a podcast hosted by, Bec Barnes, Talent Acquisition Director and Chris Cook, Managing Director Operations. “The Hiring Experience” is your go-to destination for valuable insights, engaging conversations, and expert perspectives on all things related to hiring at Skills Alliance. . 


A Journey from Graduate to Managing Director 

One of the pivotal questions explored in the podcast is Chris Cook’s journey from joining the organization as a graduate to becoming a Managing Director. Chris’s story is a testament to the opportunities and growth potential available within the world of recruitment – an inspiring ascent from a novice graduate to a seasoned industry leader. His personal journey serves as a source of motivation for anyone looking to carve out a successful career in the field. 


Growth and Opportunities  

The podcast also takes a closer look at the structure of the team and the growth opportunities within Skills Alliance. Bec and Chris provide valuable insights into how the teams are organized, the roles and responsibilities within the organization, and the avenues for career progression. This insider perspective on the inner workings of a successful recruitment firm offers listeners a roadmap for building their careers in the industry. 


The Culture at Skills Alliance 

Culture is often the foundation of a successful and fulfilling career. Bec and Chris will share their experiences, anecdotes, and observations about the company’s culture, shedding light on what makes Skills Alliance a unique and thriving workplace. Their insights provide valuable lessons for both employers and employees seeking to create and maintain a positive and productive work environment. 


Post COVID Life 

Finally, we delve into how working life has changed since the onset of the COVID pandemic. The global health crisis reshaped the way we work, and Bec and Chris offer a firsthand account of how Skills Alliance adapted to these changes. With discussion ranging from remote work to the virtual hiring processes, to the evolving expectations of candidates and employers in the post-pandemic world. Their discussions will provide valuable guidance on navigating the new realities of the recruitment landscape. 



This podcast is an exploration of the hiring world from the inside out – through their combined expertise, Bec and Chris aim to demystify the recruitment process, share valuable career insights, and provide a platform for thought-provoking discussions about the ever-evolving world of Life Science Recruitment. Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter, a job seeker, or simply interested in the intricacies of talent acquisition, this podcast provides an enlightening and informative journey.  

Interest in joining Skills Alliance? Reach out to Bec Barnes.  


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