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Corporate Social Responsibility: Project Riandu

3 Jul 15 - 12:00AM Skills Alliance  | Skills Alliance blog

Charity Project of the year

Skills Alliance have chosen Project Riandu (with the Peter Cowley Africa Trust) as their charity of the year to support this ambitious project in giving access to employment for underprivileged people.

This decision is based on the fact that Project Riandu is meeting an unmet need in regard to access to employment and education, and highly values our support.

As recruitment specialists in the pharmaceutical sector we tend to work with candidates that have had the privilege to full education and, therefore, have access to well-paid technical employment opportunities. We feel that contributing towards bridging a gap for those without access to even secondary education (and further employment opportunities) is our duty.

Project Riandu

There is a huge unmet need in Kenya and much of Sub-Saharan Africa for access to employment. An area that has been largely untouched by aid and development organisations is access to secondary school for deaf people, which is particularly low. Currently only 12% of deaf children have access to a secondary school that can teach them. This is partly due to disability being stigmatised and partly due to a lack of resources to build and run the facilities.

While Kenya has 2/3 of the population of the UK it only has 1/5 of the number of secondary schools for the deaf, and these are not as large or high quality.

The vast majority of deaf teenagers do not have access to a proper secondary education, which means an already disadvantaged community is also an unskilled and excluded one. It also means, from an economic perspective, that there is a large untapped resource of youthful workers that are being denied an active role in the economy by having no access to education and, therefore, employment.

In response to this urgent issue the Mothers Union in Mbeere, Kenya have united with a group of UK students -who are channelling their funds through the PCAT (registered charity: 1037257) in an initiative to set up a much needed, dedicated secondary school for deaf teenagers in a village called Riandu, in Embu County.

This grassroots idea is supported by both the local community and international student volunteers who are embarking on an ambitious building programme, phased over 3 years, currently beginning 'phase/year 2'. The school currently caters for 40 students and after phase 2 and 3 expansion will cater for 200 boarding deaf students from all over the country.

Mother's Union

Team Fundraising

In order to support Project Riandu, Skills Alliance are partaking in monthly fundraising events, dress-up days and are hosting fundraising challenges and sales to take place in the office in order to raise some of the much needed funds for the building materials for phase 2 of the project.
  • Office cinema + refreshments
  • Office fairground + cake sales
  • Theatre workshop lunchtime
  • Office team meals (at discount from local restaurants for group bookings - to collect the difference)
  • Personal challenges - head to head with our international offices in a 'buddy system'. Challenges such as 10k runs, bake-offs, bring and share houseparties, going a month without chocolate!
All of these activities encourage a great sense of team cohesion as well as staff morale in general. This is just one of the reasons why Skills Alliance is a great place to work. 

For more tips and tricks to fundraising, or to learn how to support the project please visit the website: