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How to close a sales interview

3 Oct 14 - 12:00AM Skills Alliance  | Carl Marotta blog

Closing an interviewSo, you’re coming to the end of interview. You’re pretty sure you’ve impressed, and you’ve just finished asking your questions about the company and culture. However, you’ve still got one question left to ask:

"Have you got any reservations about taking me through to the next stage?" or "Have you got any reservations about offering me the job?"

It's a nice, low pressure close which will allows you to assess your performance in interview. If the interviewer says “No”, then close harder; ask what the next steps are going to be and what you need to prepare.

If the interviewer says “Yes”, they will likely explain where you’ve fallen down. This gives you a final chance to sell against that point, and potentially change a deal breaker into a non-issue.

That said, some interviewers may not like to give an answer straight away, preferring to wait until they’ve seen other candidates or spoken with their colleagues; if this seems to be the case, don’t push it too much.

I’ve spoken to colleagues who specialise in different areas of the industry and they don’t see it essential to close an interview; on the contrary, some even advise against it. The difference here is; you are a sales person. You are being assessed on your ability to sell, and if you don’t close an interview, you might not close a sale!